nighty taxi parisien by Chunyang LIN

Born Aquarian

Started out young, soon after the baby boom era of 1979, the year I was born, I have always lived with the heart and soul of an artist. "What's life without a little music?" they say. And that's what exactly happened to me in my early years. The artist in me expressed itself in the form of melody and rhythm. Studied Indian classical music. The showman in me surfaced in the form of the school band's lead vocals who also dabbled with accompanying musical instruments. Years at school went by and the showman in me looked to other frontiers to explore. Those wonder years and search of identity are some of the best times when one is at school. And how better can it be for an artist but have the ability to step out of ones own to replicate that of another. Mimicry, a form of art that I cherished in those years bringing in quite a bit of amusement among friends and glories on competitive levels. Over with school and into college, my skills matured into writing and illustrations. I was the elected editor and responsible for the publishing of the college's yearly souvenir magazine. My means of expressing myself then turned to print and photography. Photography, thanks to dad's old Yashica Electro 35 that came into custody. After a few teething problems, the camera became second nature. My brother says that I'm his inspiration to get a camera and trying something different. Soon we plan to join forces on a black & white campaign to capture the brighter colors of life.

Breathed Colors

This ability to express myself in words, pictures, forms, figures and colors soon was turning into a passion and I needed to channelise my energy. It was in the final year of my college life, I got introduced to the wonderful world of multimedia and its unending potential in serving my passion. I had to enter this new found world. So, later to my graduation in Commerce, I left my home in kerala, and came to Chennai to study multimedia and visual communications, joining up for post graduate programmes in both offered at Arena Multimedia and Loyola College respectively in Chennai. Studying in Arena Multimedia and Loyola was fun and very interesting. While Arena taught me the tools of multimedia, Loyola taught me the world of visual communication where multimedia could be extensively used. Loyola brought to me the world of Professional Photography, Television Production, Advertising and Graphic Designing.

Lives Design

No sooner had I finished my post graduate programmes in year 2000, I found my self in the real world, employed as a Graphic Designer with Sumukan, a UK based company, which provides IT solutions, through their office in Chennai. The work brought in a great deal of exposure to the world of professional graphic designing.

After a 4 years stint in Sumukan I got out as a visual designer expertised in web design. I relocated to Pune and joined Drushti Info Network, a web hosting company, in Oct 2004. After 6 months I joined Setu as a User Experience Designer.

Setu experience was extremely learning and thats where I started doing more research on usability and interaction design and implementing them in the projects in a more formal way. I left Setu, in July 2006, got relocated to Bangalore and joined July Systems.

July enables media and sports brands to extend their presence to the mobile channel. My first stint with a bigger and an organised team, at July I have more opportunities and have more focus on product design.

Mid 2012 I left July to join Sapient in search of more challenges. My first service company and that too a big one. Lot of things to learn.

I would like to take this moment to extend my gratitude and love to everybody who has been with me in my endeavors...

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