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Umesh (aka @ooomz) is a User Experience Designer based in Bangalore, India having more than 12 years of work experience in Human Computer Interaction Design. Currently working for Sapient since Aug '12.

"Umesh is definitely a go-to person. He attacks each problem with passion and integrity and brings to bear his deep understanding of user experience for mobile and web. He was also the first person to be called into or volunteer for skunk works projects and early prototypes, since he is fairly comfortable with abstraction and can multi- task. He is a keen student of the discipline and I would attribute his consistent high performance at July to this healthy curiosity. His network and research help him understand the market and his passion for mobile devices gives him a grounded perspective. His team has a high regard for him and cited the UX Master class that he conducted on Fridays as a great source of learning for them. He was also a live wire and an enthusiastic contributor at July’s corporate events and initiatives." - Julian Philips, VP Marketing & Product Management, July Systems.

"Umesh is meticulous and detailed in his work, and dedicated to creating the best experience possible. He is able to understand complex backend systems and marry them to simple end user flows and experiences. A good team player who adds value to cross-functional teams, he is capable of leading design directions and also contributes to the technical development; which brings products out to market faster." - Vandana Abraham, Senior Director, UX Design, July Systems.

"Umesh's skill of using the right blend of aesthetics, functional considerations, professionalism, user empathy, and fine tuned product sense ensures the right output for any design project he works on. His unique approach to design speaks to his experience, constantly updated knowledge of innovations in software product design, and learnability. Umesh is a thorough design professional and I have enjoyed and learned from the last two and a half years of working with him. I wish him the very best in his career and would relish the opportunity to work with him again in the future. " - Kiran Karthikeyan, Senior Product Manager Mi Platform, July Systems.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Umesh for close to 5 years on multiple projects and programs. I can confidently say he is a great individual, a highly talented information architect, with a positive attitude and incredible know-how in his chosen field of excellence - i.e User Experience and Information Architecture. He is very passionate about his work and digital communication (web and mobile) - always being at the forefront of the rapidly changing industry, utilizing the latest technology for adding value to any project or product he gets his hands on. His experience, voracious appetite for knowledge, combined with being such a likeable and helpful individual makes him the perfect match for anyone seeking a highly efficient and dedicated IA. Most importantly, he is someone who appreciates the importance of sharing knowledge. I would strongly recommend his Whitespace blog to anyone who wants to know about the finer nuances of UX and IA - it is nothing short of a treasure trove of knowledge I hope I get the chance of working with him again in the future." - Shreyas Padmanabhan, Director, Project Management and Delivery, July Systems

"Underneath the extremely approachable and jovial exterior you will find a man who has a very serious and strong perspective of things. His passion for web and mobile practises is second to none and it tends to rub off on you, even for an individual like me who constantly resisted the mundane and the trivial. Qualities that are expected of managers, like hard work, sincerity, meticulousness and knowledge of the domain are ones that are easily noticeable in Umesh, but what I will remember and respect him for is his humility and the way in which he transmitted the knowledge, always seeking to explain the 'why and what for' with as much as importance as the 'what'. In terms of learning under Umesh, I understood that it was essential to know the rules and be aware of all the limitations in order for one to break them, at a time when I was too eager to Create." - Govind Mohandas, Interaction Designer, R & D, July Systems

"Umesh Gopinath Theratt runs a private Google Apps email service called "uGmail". That's geek for you. I've been grateful to have had the opportunity to work closely with him during my time at July Systems, and I can say without a doubt that he is a gem of a person, not just a great designer. His perspectives on life are deeply grounded in simplicity. He understands the drivers behind meaningful design, and finds ways to share his know-how with different audiences through metaphors and examples. One will always be a part of the greater design movement when he is around - he will make sure that his peers are well informed with core work, techniques, trends and directions. I strongly recommend him for hardcore digital design endeavours. Live long and prosper Umesh!" - Ramprakash R, Interaction Designer - Product UX, July Systems

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